First of all, I love the artwork! I imagine it looking great on a canvas.

My journaling habit varies. I sometimes journal during my Bible-reading and prayer time with God. I sometimes do a daily log kind of journal (adapted from bullet journaling tips). Yes, like Katie, I used to do daily morning page, but it felt more like a drag than being useful, so I stopped doing that. I did 750 words (from 750 words dot com). Now, I'm using a spreadsheet to quickly note my thoughts based on a few questions.

The idea of daily journaling is good, but for me, I haven't been able to keep to a strict daily routine for it. And I'm making peace with that.

I'm finding increasingly that—doing a daily drawing (even if it's a scratchy sketch), centres me more than anything now. On days when I wanna push myself to go on, despite my brain and body telling me they are spent; if I change my go-go-go pattern to doing a daily sketch, my mental state changed, my mind becomes less foggy. And I'm inspired and recharged again.

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For a while I did daily morning page, word vomiting my first thoughts onto a page. Lately I’m less religious about it, doing it when I feel I have more time, space and energy. I noticed towards the end when I was doing morning pages daily I was going so fast and Austin Kleon’s post last week reminded me to slow down. https://austinkleon.substack.com/p/the-magic-of-the-brush The days I don’t prioritize journaling are the days I need it most

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“The days I don’t prioritize journaling are the days I need it the most”, that is a powerful statement, I’ll remember that, and use it every time I think of skipping.

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