Rose Lihou, on Writing and Illustrating Chapter Books

Edible Style and how to go from Illustrator to Author Illustrator

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Rose Lihou, author and illustrator, shares her journey of becoming an author-illustrator and offers insights into the creative process.

She discusses the anticipation and joy of having her books published and the importance of finding one's own style.

Rose emphasizes the value of giving positive and uplifting feedback and the importance of preserving creative energy. She also talks about the transition from being an illustrator to becoming a writer and the challenges and rewards of expanding a picture book into a chapter book.

Rose Lihou shares her journey in children's publishing and offers advice for aspiring writers and illustrators. She emphasizes the importance of getting obsessed with a project and committing time each day to work on it.

Rose suggests starting by reading widely and then writing and rewriting as much as possible. She also discusses the process of finding a literary agent and working with them to create a marketable product.

"I never want to use up or waste anyone's creative energy." - Rose Lihou

Rose's book, Tiny Dogs, is a full-color illustrated chapter book aimed at children aged 5-7. The story follows a shy girl named Bea who discovers four tiny dogs and learns to use her voice and gain confidence through caring for them. The book is part of a series, with book one already released and books two and three coming soon.

Get Tiny Dogs!

Tiny Dogs: Bea’s Secret Friends by Rose Lihou will be published 18th April 2024 (Puffin), and Tiny Dogs: The Lost School Pet will be published 4th July (Puffin).

Draw Tiny Dogs!

Studio Tea with Rose Lihou
Draw This In Your Style - Tiny Dogs
Hooray - it’s April and that means my first book, Tiny Dogs: Bea’s Secret Friends, is out THIS MONTH! To celebrate, I’m hosting my very first ‘draw this in your style’ challenge on Instagram. Tiny Dogs is a series of full-colour illustrated chapter books all about the…
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