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Hi, I'm Sara. I started drawing when I was 26, just one year ago. I started out drawing food (I used to attend cooking classes). I like to use my sense of humor in my drawings. I drew a lot of bananas with sunglasses haha. I never thought about an illustrator career before. I'm Brazilian and I came from the periphery, so it's almost not encouraged at all. My day job is as an executive secretary, I'm practically Pam from 'The Office'. I'm enjoying the learning process and who knows, maybe one day, I'll make my dream come true just like you! Thank you.

my instagram @sarasalmao

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Hi friends!

I'm Nita, and I'm passionate about reducing sentient suffering through chronic disease prevention. I identify with minimalism, effective altruism, and intentional living.

I have been sick for half my life with various conditions including chronic cystitis, dysautonomia, inflammatory bowel disease, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

My goal is to translate my experiences into educational resources in order to effect positive change and encourage patient advocacy. Towards this end, I host a health podcast aimed at advancing scientific literacy around topics like longevity and metabolism.

Looking forward to connecting with all of you!

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Hi, I'm Christina. I am a practicing Landscape Architect finding my way back to my roots in drawing. I finished college with a degree in Studio Art, but was told by my parents that Art wasn't a legitimate career path. I didn't have confidence in myself or my voice to stick up for myself. I bounced around in a bunch of different fields until landing in Landscape Architecture. I selected it because it was the most creative path I could think of outside of art direction, which my twenty-something brain couldn't figure out how to do. Now that I'm in a completely different stage of life, I've committed to getting back to drawing. Now, I am searching for my voice and my confidence in the illustration community. Reading your words and seeing your process helps me be less judgmental with my work and reminds me to sit and DO THE WORK. I appreciate your honesty and candor. I would love to turn this path into a paying gig. Fingers crossed and pencil to paper that I'll get there.

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Hi, I'm Karen. Thanks for generously sharing, I'm at the start of a new journey into children's publishing. I feel more confident in my writing than my illustration at present though still waiting to make my debut in either.

I work digitally and am still developing my practice to combine with traditional layers. Whimsical characters, rich landscapes and 'slice of life' scenes interest me.

I used to be a graphic designer and have always loved drawing. After a long interlude to bring up family, I'm writing and working on building a portfolio of illustration.

I hope to launch a website soon and any advice on this would be very welcome.

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Hello, I’m Rachel Brokenicky. Thanks for sharing your journey. I am in my second round of MATs classes and seeing improvement but still feeling like I’m not quite there. I believe I am more determined now and am taking steps to up my game-specifically to say without flinching that I am an artist, get a website up, start making art everyday, make contacts with a critique group, and send work out to art directors. Watching your progress has encouraged me. I want to improve and use my “gift” as you say. It’s frustrating to be told you have that “gift” and that you should “just illustrate children's books” as if it’s the easiest thing in the world to do.

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Hi I’m Carrie and I am really enjoying this newsletter! Thanks! I am committed to drawing fun, colorful illustrations for kids! I have a background in education. I really enjoy helping students learn to read especially dyslexic students! Art has also been my passion since I first started coloring as a child! I am at a point that I want to put this together and create fun books! I have been taking various online illustration courses the past few years and am committed to a daily practice! I have kept a daily sketchbook by my side for many years! I really enjoy the motivation that Adams newsletter has provided and push to overcome the feeling of not being good enough! I find a lot of joy in just trying out new materials and playing on the iPad!

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Hi everyone! What a cool community -- thanks for this opportunity to connect, Adam.

I'm Rachel Wilson, a children's book author-illustrator. Though I've been working on my stories for a long time, I just got a wonderful agent a few months ago, so I feel like I'm at the very beginning of a new adventure. To celebrate this new start, I created a newsletter called AT THE KID TABLE (rachelwonders.substack.com) that includes illustrated "creative nugget" adventures (starring me as a chicken nugget haha) about the creative life. Right now I'm on submission to editors for the first time (AHHHH!), so I'm focusing on writing and illustrating other stories and building up my online portfolio (rachelwonders.com).

My goal is to create consistently because it makes me happy, and Adam's Notes is a great support. I'm so happy to connect with all of you here. Thanks for sharing!

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Hi! I’m Jess Burbank, popping in to say I’m glad to be here and “meet” you all. I’m an English major and self-taught artist and sometimes feel more comfortable with writing picture books than illustrating them. Although I’ve been playing at painting since college, it wasn’t until the last 3 years that I put dedicated attention on art-making and now, like working out can be, I feel weird when a day goes by and I haven’t painted.

I’ve been a homeschool Mom to my two kids for the past eight years and finding and reading picture books to my children has been a great joy of my life. My love of words, watercolor, and childhood comes together in picture-book making, and for the first time ever in my life I feel true determination to make this dream a reality. I appreciate Adam’s openness and think this community could be an encouraging, educational, and supportive one. I sometimes feel slightly out of the loop because I haven’t taken any MATS courses (except the free ones). :) I really want to, but I had already committed a lot of time (and money) to the Storyteller Academy community this year, so that’s where I’m putting my time and attention at the moment. I hope to launch my website in the next couple weeks and am currently working on two book dummies. By the way, I am looking for an illustration-focused online critique group if anyone is interested.

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My name is Raphy. I'm a brand strategist and designer, and I love both elements of my money-making work. But particularly the strategy because it's based on discovering the client's purpose and vision for their business, which invariably aligns with their purpose and vision for their life.

I started Co-Create because I wanted to create a community of creatives. I know a lot of people who work as creatives, or have a creative practice outside of their jobs. I also believe that in essence, all human beings are creative. This is the premise of Co-Create and my newsletter Three Things Weekly.

I also offer project coaching for creatives through Co-Create, where I bring together my skills as a brand strategist and integral coach to create a context for people's creative projects that they bring to the table. As well as the practical tools I have collected over the years to bring supportive structures to my creative work.

I'm enjoying your newsletter enormously, as I find we share a lot in common. I also love the straightforward and digestible way that you present things, making them accessible and immediately actionable.

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Nice one

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