1. I like that your posts are daily, and that they're brief but pack a real punch - I find I always learn something to help me on my way to being organised and productive from a creative point of view.

2. I enjoy reading about how you tackle your work projects, and your art process is something I'd love to see more of.

3. I'm Rebecca, from south-east UK. I'm a keen solo hiker, I hugely enjoy writing, I've always enjoyed dabbling in art and I'm really keen to get my non-fiction book project off the ground. I enjoy writing weekly posts on Substack, often about my frustrating propensity for getting lost. https://rebeccaholden.substack.com/about

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1. Learning about your process in small bursts is motivating and inspirational

2. More of this: watching you draw

3. I’m Amie, a writer with two studios (desert southwest and a Maine island) and two newsletters (weekly 100-word microbursts; twice-monthly cooking stories & recipes). I draw bad art but attempt to sketch nonetheless; have had a few dozen stories published; believe that everything we do is creative, from making food to running marathons; love to read, am scared at the start a big writing project and find joy in helping others.

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1. Style as a set of rules, The jump from exploration mode to exploitation mode as a creative and one about writing a strategy (that I can't find now..!) were the posts that persuaded me to become a paid subscriber.

2. I'm a children's book illustrator, so that content is the stuff that interests me the most

3. I am Emily, I live in the UK and work as an accountant 4 days a week and do my illustration work fridays, evenings and weekends. I've got two kids, two dogs, a house, husband, mortgage and all the live stuff that goes along with it and I'm trying to balance it all an still have time for my love of illustrating.

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Hey Adam, how you doing?

1. I am fairly new here. I joined because I saw you have a background in tech and changed careers to be an Illustrator. Correct me if I am wrong.

2. I still need to catchup to chime in on the content. I am interested in understand a bit more how this transition happened. (Maybe I just need to read the previous posts).

3. I am Alex Campinho. I am Brazilian. I live in New Zealand for 10 years now. Software Developer working on E-commerce space. I am searching for ways to incorporate mort art in my life. I am focusing in learning how to draw and digital art. My handle on instagram is @kemps_alex .

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Hey Adam and readers,

1. I signed up because I wanted more insight into the creative practice of an illustrator. I’m thoroughly enjoying your content!

2. I love your insights into your illustrating work. Whether it’s ideas about portfolios or workflow etc. I find it all super fascinating. So more behind the scenes for me please!

3. I’m an artist and aspiring author/illustrator. At the moment I fit this around being a stay at home mum to two kiddos. The goal is to do it full time. You can find me on instagram - @bykimdehaan. I’ve got links to my various accounts there :) lovely to meet you all.

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1. I love the daily consistency. Even if I miss a day or so, I know I can go back to the archive and read them. I love hearing about your practice and the things that have worked for you in your career thus far.

2. I would love to see more process videos or pictures

3. I'm Jason a poet and indie comic creator. My main creative practice is publishing daily poetry comics (mostly haiku) in my free/pay if you want newsletter:


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1. I like the brief post daily. It's a quick read. Sometimes I file it as interesting, other times it gives me a bit of though or inspiration.

2. I like reading about other people's thought process or how they work. I have many unfinished creative projects which I try to push up the mountain simultaneously, often with minimal success.

3. My name is Phil, I am a photojournalist with a weekly newspaper in Morrisburg, Canada. I also freelance, write a frequent column, and try to create often. Sometimes it is a photo, or with written word. Other times it is with my model railroad in the basement.

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