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Day 28: Draw a Robot

Day 28 of 100 days of Drawing Icons

Welcome to Day 25 of 100 Days of Drawing Icons

Today’s Prompt: Draw a Robot

I was looking through 1Pinterest a lot before drawing this. I was not looking for anything in particular, just looking.

I got two ideas from looking. Inspiration.

  1. The first to create collaged shapes.

  2. The second was to pay attention to creating depth by adding shadows in the area between the layers of shapes.

I used this inspiration to create this image. I had no sketch, and no idea of what I would make, but I had an idea how. Sometimes “how” is good enough.

First I needed a shape for a robot body, I ended up with a shape quire similar to a human rib cage.

Next I though about how would it move? Will it have legs? Wheels, Claws?

I started out by drawing the legs. But as I was wondering about the feet, I decided they would have one wheel and one claw. One to push and one to roll.

I decided to draw a bird shaped head largely to balance out the design.

A square for the iris and mouth, emphasised the robotic nature of the design. As do lines to indicate various panels.

In the end my icon drawing landed me an interesting character. And not for the first time this week.

I’ll name this one GUK.

💎 Sometimes knowing how you’re going to make an illustration is good enough when you don’t know what you are going to make!


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