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Day 2: Draw a Palm

Of 100 days of Drawing Icons with Adam Ming

📝 I tried to make 100 of these drawing demos - I might have gotten to 40. Do I feel bad for not getting to 100, not really, that goal got me to 40, there were a number of false starts like this in the newsletter, where I tried things and pulled back, part of it was responding to feedback, but the main thing is it doesn’t really suite my way of working.1

Demos, Prompts, and other Bonuses

Today’s prompt is: the palm of a hand

By being able to draw palms and fists, you’ve already overcome one of the biggest fears in the drawing! You no longer have to draw your characters with their hands in their pockets!

My hand designs are inspired by Christian Robinson and Bruce Timm.

Notes on Drawing Hands by Bruce Timm for Batman Animated Series
Studying Christian Robinson’s cut out hands

As usual, I start out by doing some studies or research drawings2.

I notice that drawing fingers are like drawing two sets of M’s

I try to curve the thumb to contrast with the fingers.

I try to show the dimensionality of the flat palm, shown in white and accentuated by the black wash.

Day 2 of 100 days of drawing icons.


This note was added in 2023, As I went back to edit and organize my previous newsletters. I wanted the archive to have well some archival value. Together these notes tell a story of how I Became a Picturebook Illustrator.

Adam Ming : Ten Minute Artist
Adam Ming : Ten Minute Artist
Adam Ming