Nice to have you back!

1. I have been refreshing my online presence by updating banners, creating a new profile picture and writing new ‘About Me’ copy. I have also been doing my ‘pre-rough’ work on some personal pieces. This involves some research, some super rough sketching and lots of in-my-head composition and ideation. I find my best work comes when I can give myself a few days of this.

2. I am waiting to be able to show a piece of work that I am quite pleased with. Have to wait until, I think, the end of June. It occurred to me this morning that I could create a new piece that works in a similar way, but is different. So maybe I’ll do that. Or maybe I’ll continue waiting.

3. I’m reading The Last Party by Clare Mackintosh. I’m also looking for and reading blog posts and articles about getting an agent, as I feel I would really benefit from having one at this point.

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In no particular order, I’m reading lots of things here on substack. Too many really as I’m getting so absorbed that I’m not doing other things that need doing! I’ve been working on my own Substack, tying to decide whether I should add a paid subscription option. I’d not considered it previously as I didn’t really think anyone would pay to read what I write, but other ideas are blossoming in my mind currently.. I’m waiting (but trying not to think about it) for a feature to come out sharing my substack and for some business calls to chat about next things 😊

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1. Jen, one day I think I’m going to need to pick your brain about creating a ‘main business’... I mean right now the main business IS the picture books, but direct to customer is just so appealing! - if anyone want to make Jen more busy, check out: https://www.zooguu.com/shop/zooguu-walrus-faux-taxidermy (the Walrus is looking great by the way)

2. Crossing my fingers with you

3. Thinking in Bets definitely feels like something I would enjoy, thanks for sharing. Would love to hear your thoughts on the Sherlock book too, after you’re done with your chicklit title 🤓

Ps, it’s nice to have you in the comments as always:)

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Welcome back, Adam! It's nice to have your newsletters in my inbox again.

1. I've been working on a very large wholesale order for my faux taxidermy business and making inventory for my upcoming shows and markets. For my craft business, my busy season is May & June and then again in November & December. I'm trying to make May & June a little easier by working hard in April. I'm going to a writing retreat with Andrea Brown Literary Agency in May and I want to attend that without stress, so I'm working extra hard on my main business now.

2. I was one of the winners of the PB Party contest this year and that came with a couple of requests from agents and publishers. I've submitted materials and now I'm waiting to hear back. Fingers crossed!

3. I just finished the audiobook of "Thinking In Bets" by Annie Duke. She's a former pro poker player, and also has a background in cognitive psychology. I was planning to recommend it to you, actually. There's a great chapter on forming groups to help us make better decisions. There's good insight into how luck plays a part in life and some strategies to separate our decisions from the results so we can gain clarity on how to make decisions in the future. Her talk at Google is a nice supplement to the book, but the book goes deeper. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYNsSeYjkp4

I'm looking forward to checking out the Sherlock Holmes book you recommended as well, but the next audiobook queued up in my library loans is, "A Witch's Guide to Fake Dating a Demon." What can I say, I like to mix it up. :)

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