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Making this Folktaleweek Cinderella illustration

30 second Timelapse video.

Time Stamp 0:00-0:05: Collaging and editing 3 rough sketches to form the composition.

Time Stamp 0:00-0:07: Blocking in the trees with a custom made monoline brush in procreate

Time Stamp 0:07-0:12: Painting in Cinderella in a clipping mask with transparent washes, and drawing in some detail

Time Stamp 0:07-0:23: Painting in the background and fairy godmother character together aiming for a secondary contrast ( less contrasts than Cinderella against the white)

Time Stamp 0:23-0:24: Painting in the foreground

Time Stamp 0:25-0:30: Painting in Fairy Dust

Throughout the painting, I jump around adding detail, particularly light, shade and rim lighting to make everything clear.

Let me know if you liked this little video and commentary by leaving a ❤️ , and leave a comment if you have any comments or ideas.

Adam Ming : Ten Minute Artist
Adam Ming : Ten Minute Artist
Adam Ming