IlloGuild talks Critique Groups

Collaboration trumps copetition


We are a collective of writers and illustrators hailing from diverse corners of the globe.

Initially crossed paths during a MATS (Make Art That Sells) course dedicated to the art of Illustrating Children's Books. The roots of our critique group trace back nearly two and a half years. It’s a journey that unveiled the remarkable strength in unity and the desire to impart some valuable insights from our collective experience.

And now once a month we aim to share some of that insight and experience.

I’ll send you an invite to live Zoom events with the ILLOGUILD, in my newsletter

Our rhythm is set by bi-weekly Zoom meetings.

We meet to critique work and discuss industry changes.

We left conventional social media for Discord. A Private Chat Platform with multiple channels. This shift encourages deep discussions. We talk about contracts, agents, and our creative journey. It's a choice to avoid algorithm noise.

Our strength is collective engagement. When one works hard, it inspires others.

In Discord, we've made channels for various topics: competitions, industry news, and more. Each member has space for their work, from progress to portfolios.

Critiquing follows two methods. The creator presents their work, followed by feedback.

Five positives and one suggestion.

Or, the "sandwich method" - one positive, one area for improvement, and one more positive.

Kind critique is crucial.

Follow-up Questions:

Let me know if you have any questions about forming a critique group or about collaboration vs. competition.

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