Day 37: Bowl

Day 37 of 100 Days of drawing icons.

Welcome to Day 37 of 100 Day’s of drawing icons.

Today’s Prompt is to draw a bowl.


Bowl Reference images

I’ve included some reference to save you time. I think a bowl is a really beautiful thing to draw. It’s such a simple subject. But there are so many lessons you can learn from drawing a bowl.

Here are some things you could look out for in the reference:

  • The tones inside vs outside the bowl

  • The thickness and shape of the brim

  • Patterns on the bowl

  • The various gradients of the half spheres and cylinder

  • Highlights and shadows that create lines

  • The shapes of reflected light.

The Sketchbook


In my sketchbook I have a live area - The square on the right page. This is where the illustration goes.

The rest of the area is the staging area. Here I are my observational drawing and test my marks, before committing to the live area.

Finished Icon

I moved to Procreate to clean up the icon. The thing that I struggle with on the sketchbook is getting clean crisp shapes. This is the main thing I concerned by self with in procreate.

Two other things I did were remove unwanted marks, and add a little more gradient for a more finished look.

Ten Minute Artist with Adam Ming
Ten Minute Artist with Adam Ming
Adam Ming