Day 17: Draw a Sumo Wrestler

Day 17 of 100 days of drawing icons

Welcome to Day 17 of 100 Days of Drawing Icons

Todays Prompt is: Draw a Sumo

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Visual reference for sumo drawing

I usually start by doing some research and doing some research drawings. The drawing helps me look, if you look closer at the sketch above you might find my sketch of a detail of a sumo’s garment.

Energy sketch from imagination

I drew this next drawing without looking at the reference , it captures the vibe and composition I was going for. When I referred to the references later i noticed I had exclude the belly, I would add that into later sketches.

I studied a few different variations of the shape before I went to the final icon, the aim was to balance the straight and angular lines as well as try to infuse some energy into the piece.

This is the finished piece, if you watch the video you can see the process from start to finish. These drawing are serving as a warmup these days. They really get me up to the level of intensity and focus to jump into my day job of drawing picturebooks.

I hope you’ll give this and some of the other prompts a try, maybe make a project out of it. If not, just draw the one. If you post it, use the hashtag #100daysofdrawingicons, I cannot wait to see it!


Adam Ming

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