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145 Days of Sketchbooking and Counting

A TenMinuteArtist Podcast

has been drawing in her sketchbook daily for 145 days and counting!
We talk about:

  • The impact daily sketching has on her creative practice

  • How she manages to do it even on chaotic days

  • Does she ever miss a day and if so what next?

  • Developing Style as an Illustrator

  • Writing Stories in a Sketchbook as a Picturebook Author

  • And the weather in Paris

I had wanted to chat with her about her experience with daily sketching and this is that conversation. It’s my second podcast so please excuse the rough edges, I’ll get better.

Ten Minute Artist makes 3 promises to it’s readers, it exists to give you strategies to help you:

  1. Make Art Daily

  2. Break into Children’s Publishing

  3. Keep Going without Burning out

🫰If you are a writer on Substack and have been enjoying these benefits, please consider recommending Ten Minute Artist to help grow this amazing community of readers! Thank You!

Ten Minute Artist with Adam Ming
Ten Minute Artist Podcast
Strategies and steps to help you: Make art daily, Break into Children’s Publishing and keep going without burning out. Background: Startup cofounder turned picture book illustrator. 📚 11 book deals in 2 years with top publishers.
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